Stay Awake...
Stay Awake...
Fr. Ruben
Sunday, November 12, 2017

"If this was your last day on earth, am I prepared?" Pope Francis said in today's message. 
We cannot share or transfer this personal preparation to meet the Lord. Salvation has been granted to us... the acceptance of this saving power through my free will is my responsibility. 
Today's liturgy is a strong invitation to refill our lamps.
-Invitation to pick one day of your week and live it as it were the last day here. 
-Paying attention how this awareness affects and impacts your relationships, what is said, what is kept. How it affects your reactions and emotions. What is really important in life, what is priority. 
-Bring to prayer at night everything that happened that day and reflect upon what you have learned from it. 
-Talk to the Lord with an open heart, a heart that is ready to meet him. 
Stay awake! Be prepared!